Downhole Division Products

Petroleum Equipment & Services, Inc. (PESI) was founded in 1983 with a two-fold concept of service. Bring to the Alaska market place products and services not currently available and/or offer customers a competitive alternative to existing suppliers. Provide an economical solution to companies wanting to enter this unique market.

PESI and Halliburton offer many solutions for excellent drilling performance. Our complete line of matrix and steel-bodied drill bits utilize premium cutter technology to deliver best-in-class performance. Standard products include steel tooth and insert roller cone drill bits. The QuadPack® Plus bit series marks a significant advancement in roller cone technology to improve durability and enhance ROP.

Hallibuton Drill Bit Selection Guide

Drilling through the most challenging formations, the MegaForce™ bit delivers higher ROP and longer intervals drilled than any other bit. Designed for every operator's specific application using Halliburtons industry-unique Design at the Customer Interface (DatCI℠) service, this bit features advanced SelectCutter™ PDC Technology, ultra-efficient cutter layout force balancing, improved erosion resistant matrix material and enhanced hydraulics.

PESI along with Ray Oil Tool Company products provide new and innovative casing cementing accessories for our Alaska customers.

Ironside Manufacturing - Building a Motor

Ironside Manufacturing decades of experience in mud motor design, construction, application and service can help you reduce your drilling times and increase your productivity.Ironside Manufacturing’s Quality Management System certification recognizes effective implementation of documentation and records management; management’s commitment to customers; establishment of clear policies; effective planning and implementation and strong resource management; efficient process control, measurement and analysis; and continuous improvement.