PESI's Downstream Division provides unequalled sourcing of hard to find products.

For over two decades the PESI Downstream Division has been Alaska's partner in hard to find products.
   If you need it, we have it.
   If we don't, we'll find it, and
   If no one makes it, we know someone that can!

PESI is the manufacturers’ representative for Alaska's oilfield and industrial products.

PESI's Downstream Division is the major manufacturers’ representative for Alaska oilfield and industrial products:
   Corrosion Inhibitors
   Industrial Filters
   Liquid Level Management
   Tensioned Membrane Structure Rapid Construction

PESI is your one stop source for centralized purchasing and purchase order conversion.

Your single source purchasing option:
   Use our purchasing power, for all your needs,
   We are not limited to who or where we purchase from.
   Reduce the number of vendors in your database, and decrease the flow of your paper work.
   PESI's Downstream Division also offers City, State, Borough and Professional Procurement and Project Management Services

PESI understands logitics and offers multiple shipping options.

Downstream Division for logistics can:
   we can consolidate,
   expedite or drop ship orders
   we have channel-spanning performance measures to gauge collective success in reaching your tasks and goals effectively and efficiently
   Air, Sea, Land: we can manage your material movement to meet your requirements.

We Deliver In-House or Yours
Professional Procurement | Project Management
Professional and Technical Personnel Staffing

Industrial, NGO, Local, City, State, and National Agencies

Downstream Production Services

  • Jonell Systems - Filtration
  • Sprung Structures - Immediate Building Solutions
  • Forum - Complete Solutions
  • REZNOR - Space Heating Solutions
  • Cortec Corporation - Corrosion Control
  • EST Group - Pipeline Tapping, Heat Exchanger Maintenance
  • KENCO Engineering - Liquid Management Systems

Jonell Systems |
Proven Filtration Solutions for Complex Refinery Applications

Through our commitment to understanding our customer’s needs, we provide customized filtration solutions engineered to meet rigorous plant requirements. From the Crude Unit to the Fuel Storage Tanks, we bring more than 35 years of experience to effectively improving our customers safety, efficiency and profitability.

Sprung Building Structures: Immediate Building Solutions

Easily reconfigure, disassemble or relocate. The clear span design is adaptable for multi-use applications in almost any market sector.

The installation/construction team can complete a non-insulated structure at a rate of up to 2,000 sq. ft. (186 sq. m.) per day and an insulated structure as quickly as 1,000 sq. ft. (93 sq. m.) per day.

Sprung structures can provide negative pressure containment.

Forum : Legacy Brands | Complete Solutions

Our legacy brands represent some of the best known in the business. The most recognizable include Perry™ and Sub-Atlantic™ (ROVs); B + V Oil Tools, P-Quip, Pipe Wranglers and Vanoil (tubular handling); Dynacon (LARS and winches); and Davis-Lynch, Cannon and Merrimac (downhole products).

REZNOR - Space Heating Products

Reznor is the world's largest manufacturer of commercial & industrial unit space heating products. And leaders in waste oil heater technology, with patented designs and EPA approved. Extensive research and development has resulted in a technically advanced range of unit heaters that delivers the highest possible standards of energy efficency and performance. Many of our high efficiency Unit Heaters qualify for rebates or subsidies from local governments or utilities

Cortec Corporation - Corrosion Control

CORTEC offer results proven anticorrosion formulations from moisture cure urethanes, epoxies, and acrylics to OEM equipment and concrete surface treatments.

Use Cortec® technology in each stage of the product’s lifecycle, starting from the production of metal stock to actual use in the field. When properly applied, Cortec’s VpCI®/MCI® technology substantially cuts time and cost throughout the entire product life cycle: manufacturing, storage, shipping, and field service.

EST Group - Pipeline Tapping, Heat Exchanger Maintenance

The EST Group specializes in development, manufacturing and marketing of tools and systems that greatly simplify the maintenance of shell and tube heat exchangers and that speed-up in-service inspection of pipe, pipelines, piping systems and pressure vessels.

Pop-A-Plug® Tube Plugging System is suitable for plugging leaking and/or degraded heat exchanger tubes at operating pressures to 7,000 PsiG (480 BarG) without welding or explosives.

GripTight® Test & Isolation Plugs are safe and effective for high pressure hydrostatic testing of pipe, pipelines and pressure vessels at working pressures to 15,000 PsiG (1034 BarG).

A complete line of compact, lightweight tools for tapping into existing pipelines under pressure.

KENCO Engineering - Liquid Management Systems

KENCO Engineering is a leader in liquid management systems. From electronic and mechanical level management to sight flow indicators Kenco is a world leader. They also can handle chemical process equipment and engine and compressor equipment.

Sprung Structures: A Construction Timelapse Video

North Slope Constructed Membrane Structure: Inside & Outside

Sprung Membrane Structure: Deadhorse, Alaska