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About Our ASTECH DivisionPESI ASTECH Services

PESI's ASTECH Division is a Green Star company that cleans and recycles plastic thread protectors in Alaska.

Alaska Service & Technology (ASTECH), located in Kenai, Alaska, was formed in 2002 as a specialty company that offers an environmentally friendly method of cleaning and recycling of thread protectors for the petroleum industry. Since its inception ASTECH, a Green Star Company, has kept over 5.5 million pounds of metal and plastic out of local landfills, providing oil companies with a local solution for new and used thread protectors. ASTECH is the Alaskan stocking point for new Drilltec thread protectors.

PESI's ASTECH Division is making a valuable contributation to the environment.

PESI's ASTECH Division's recyclces plastic thread protectors reducing landfill usage, providing savings in raw material usage, saving on energy consumption by not having to manufacture new products, and saving our customers real money.

PESI's ASTECH Division recycles used plastic thread protectors.
PESI's ASTECH Division's recycling process is simple and effective. The used thread protectors are inspected and cleaned in our specialized cleaning system. Then they are reinspected, dryed, palletized, shrink-wrapped and ready for resale at deeply discounted prices.